Sunday, 29 March 2015

What a week!

It's been a hectic crazy kind of week this week!

I started my week off eager as a beaver with orders to get me busy! Eight cards and a canvas to be precise. It feels so good for business to pick up again. I love the challenges it brings apart from the fact I'm doing what I love...creating! Things started off so well with two pieces coloured ready for their cards and a heap of ideas racing through my mind. Then my clumsiness struck and I burnt myself with hot oil! Luckily the burns aren't severe, but they are bad enough to slow me down.  I took a couple days off to let the healing begin. The worst of the burns are on my right wrist which  is my colouring hand. When dressed, I don't have free movement and am slower which means blending is a big issue. When I tried colouring without the dressings (yes I know, naughty naughty) it only took the worst of the burns to stick to my table for me to put my pens away! Ouch! Instead, I put the cards together that I could. I am really happy with how they look and can't wait to share with you once they are in my customer's hands. Five cards down, three to go along with the canvas.

So for today I will post my poorly coloured Slinky Tart image "Holy Shirt".... You can see for yourself why I had to put my pens away for a short while! I have put a digital background behind through Picmonkey her to take some of the focus off the bad colouring lol.

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