Sunday, 1 March 2015

Well this is a little scary!

Welcome to my first blog post!

I had set up a blog a little while ago and spent hours making it, only to delete it when it came to writing my first post! Yes, I got cold feet! I'm still unsure if this is right for me, but hey, I wont know unless I try right? Last time I was making a blog, it was with the sole purpose of being eligible for a chance to be on Stamp Artist's and Companies design teams. It didn't feel right to me! It really, really did not feel right! This time, I'm here for me. To just voice myself out loud so to speak and because I have people asking me to share my colours and tips. What an honor for me it is when I am asked to share my colours, style, choices and opinions! I never have seen myself as one to come to for such things! So, please bear with me as I learn the ropes on how this all works!

So what is my blog about? Well as my title says, it's my Creative Mutterings, only I'm putting them out here. I have always been creative but only in the last few years taken it seriously. I do scrapbooking (though not so much as in the past), cardmaking, painting, colouring and sewing...I love variety and I love things with a little bit of a difference!

I started a small cottage Facebook business 30th April 2012. It was originally to sell custom made wall hangings but expanded into wall hangings and gifts. By gifts, it could be an original whimsy drawing/painting, abstract painting, gift boxes, vintage style toys, shaped cushions, handmade cards, or mixed media canvases...heaps of things. I originally started my Facebook page as I had friends and family requesting I make things for them and for them to give as gifts. So I thought I'd try and help support my family a little by taking orders. I have had my gifts go International and that was a huge confidence builder! I'm still learning to price my items to their actual value, not to what I think people will pay. I mean seriously! I wasn't charging more than $5-10 on top of supply costs, regardless of how many hours work I done....Yes I am crazy! But Over the last 12 months I have increased my prices a little to include the hours. Obviously I can't charge a standard hourly rate because it would make things inappropriately priced in my opinion. I used to charge what I would pay, but honestly, I am a tight wad! If I saw something I know I can make, I look at their price and nearly choke! Why? Because I had such little faith in myself and my art and craft! I'm slowly learning that I should be proud of what I create because every thing I make, I put my heart into it! It might not be to your taste, and that is fine. The World would be pretty boring if we all liked the same things! If you want a peek at my little cottage business you can find it here:

Anyway...for the past nine months or so I have been teaching myself to colour with Copics, charcoals and pastels. I've really fallen in love Copics! Out of the huge range available I only have around a quarter of the colours available. They are expensive! Seriously expensive for this tight wad on a tighter budget! But far out they are amazing! They really are worth it once you get the hang of them! I having been learning through trial and error and by asking questions to other Colourists if I can't figure it out. Yes I know there are LOADS of tutorials on the net and classes I can take, but to be honest I just don't have the patience to sit there watching other people do it! I need a hands on approach. Thus why I am teaching myself! I have to "feel" what I am learning! So after this short novel of a post, I will start sharing not just random Mutters, but all my latest crafts and sharing my colourings.


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