Thursday, 19 March 2015

Make It Crafty Design Team Call

After participating in the celebrations over in the Make it crafty Facebook group this past weekend, I have a new found appreciation of not only WHITE but for CAS in general! I have always considered my style Clean and Simple, but going for a really minimalistic look challenged me, and it was a challenge I loved! So much so that I changed my mindset on my fear of writing a tutorial! It was this fear alone that stopped me applying before now, so I am conquering that fear and trying my hand at it! What's the worst that can happen? Zoe and her Team say "Thanks, but no thanks." So let's get this first in depth tutorial out of my system! 

Today's card was made over the weekend as an extra challenge set by Zoe after she saw my first #CASWHITE card entry. I wasn't so sure on having so much "empty space" at first. That is until I realized how much meaning that space can have when you place the right image with the right sentiment! For my card, I have used Make It Crafty's "Summer Dreams" stamp.

Supplies Needed:

White cardstock (8x6",3 3/4x4" and 3 3/4x5 3/4")
Cutting board, craft knife and scissors
Score board or ruler and score tool
Double-sided tape
Double-sided foam dots or squares

Copics required:

Hair: RV000, RV02, RV04 and RV06
Skin: E000, E00, E11, E21 and R20 (blush)
Eyes: B91
Ribbon and shoes: BG13, BG15, and BG75
Hat and dress: 0, C0, C1, C2 and C3 

1. Colour all her hair using RV000 as your base colour. This will also be the highlights left showing.

2. For my picture, I have the light source coming from in front and above of her. Choosing where your your light source will determine how you shadow your images. Using your RV004, gently use a flicking motion in areas that will be darkest. As you can see in my photo, I add these as shadowed sections of her hair as well as working up from the tips of her hair. While flicking, make sure you vary the lengths of your lines.

3. Next you will want to extend those flicks using RV002. 

4. Go back into the shadowed areas with your RV004 and extend some lines further through your highlight areas. You don't need too many lines, and remember to use gentle light-handed flicks to achieve thin lines.

5. To create a little extra depth of the shadows, add light touches of RV06. 

6. Now you will colour all skin area in the lightest shade E000. This colour is quite light but will build up intensity through the layers.

7. Using E11 you are going to create your darkest shadow areas. You can see in the photo where I have judge these to be. Remember when colouring skin under skirts, the colour will always be darker as this is where the most shadow will be, so you can be heavier handed here.

8. Next we blend these shadows out toward the lighter area slightly. Use E21 and colour over where you have coloured the shadow and extend a little beyond the E11. Repeat this process using E00 remembering to leave a little area with only the base colour showing as this is your highlight. Add a little R20 for her blush and cover the entire area again with E000 to smoothly blend these all together nicely.

9. I quickly added my eye colour of B91 here. Then I added the base colour BG13 to the ribbon.

10. Add your mid-shadow areas using BG15. Again you can see on the picture where I determined my shadows to fall.

11. Using BG75 you will create the darkest shadows. This is a strong colour, so again use a light touch.

12. Fully colour the ribbon with you BG13 to blend these smoothly.

13. Colouring white is tricky! So please don't be disheartened if this is your first try and it doesn't look how you want. It takes practise! Again remembering your light source colour in the deepest parts of your folds using C3.

14. Using C1, you'll use the same technique as the skin. Colour over your C3 area extending slightly beyond.

15. Repeat this process using C0.

16.  Now to blend these smoothly without adding any more colour, use your 0 pen and work from the un-coloured area into your darker areas to blend them together.

17. For me, I felt like her hat should be a big wavy sun hat so added "ruffles". To do this, use C3 and flick from the little"indents" around the rim. Also add your shadow at the back of her hat,

18. Extend these lines and the shadow with C1 also adding a little shadow under the front of the rim.

19. Once again, extend the lines and shadows slightly with C0 making sure to leave plenty of white.

20. Using your 0 pen again, blend back in from the white.

21. go back in with C2 and add only very light touched to the deepest shadows.

22. Cut your image so you don't have too much excess but not so little that you need to have your fingers on your image too much when cutting.

23. Using your craft knife, fussy cut all the small areas that are too difficult to get with scissors. This is why it is handy to have some excess around your hold in place while cutting.

24. Use your scissors to cut around the majority of your image as this gives smoother cuts. When it came to the hair, I cut as in the photo as sometimes cutting with scissors, areas like this can be difficult.

25. Use your craft knife to finish the hair so you have sharp cut points.

26. Place a generous number of foam dots or squares on the back of your image.

27. Score and fold your 8x6" cardstock to measure 4 x 6". With double-sided tape, attache your 3 3/4 x 5 3/4" on the inside of your card creating your writing area. Add double-sided tape to your 3 3/4 x 4" piece and place it to the left side of the front of your card leaving a small equal border on three sides.  Attach your coloured image on the right hand side lining it up so her legs cover the second layer's edge.

28. Pencil in your sentiment, in this case "Thinking of you". Do this lightly so as to not indent the cardstock and so it doesn't show through the ink.

29. Use BG15 to write over your sentiment once you are happy with it.


  1. Fantastic job Shannon! Good luck on the DT call at Make it Crafty!

  2. Stunning! I love your step by step process too. Best of luck on the DR call. xx Myndi

  3. Awww, Sweetie!! <3 I love your way of tutoring!! So clear and neat!! great job, Shann!! <3 (it's Rina, if you wonder who is under this nickname! :P )

    1. Thank you my dear friend! I knew who you were ;)

  4. Fantastic work Shannon! Your step by step is easy to follow and full of detail. So happy for you that you are going after your dreams :) Leigh.xx

    1. Thank you Leigh! I had you cheering for me a long time before I took noticed and tried! Thank you xxx

  5. Wow girl! I knew you could do it! Awesome tutorial, you have taught me heaps, thanks x fingers crossed for the DTS call.

    1. Thank YOU for your gentle *cough* nudge to try my hand at it Andrea!

  6. Brillllllllllliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love love love and I LOVE that you've incoperated the organizers with direction. Beautiful, clear, precise, and organized.

  7. Oh how gorgeous. And a fab tutorial. Good luck x

  8. Thank you so much for applying for the new MiC team Shannon and you totally rocked your very first tutorial too! I know how long they take to make and with all of these photos and steps you have really gone above and beyond. xoxo