Tuesday, 31 March 2015


I love a challenge! And I couldn't resist buying Astronaughty from SlinkyTart to enter her as a design team inspiration (I could have entered but being on the team is enough prize for me!). So here is my card using her. The background has been done with Distress inks (Black Soot and Pickled Raspberry) a little of Copic C7 and dots of my white paint pen. I also used Glossy Accents to do the glass of her helmet!

Copics Used:
Skin: E50, E51, E53, R20 (blush), RV02 and RV04 (lips)
Hair: E41, E43, E44 and E47
Eyes: B91, B95 and B97
Uniform: RV02, RV04, RV06, C0, C1 and C3

Sunday, 29 March 2015

What a week!

It's been a hectic crazy kind of week this week!

I started my week off eager as a beaver with orders to get me busy! Eight cards and a canvas to be precise. It feels so good for business to pick up again. I love the challenges it brings apart from the fact I'm doing what I love...creating! Things started off so well with two pieces coloured ready for their cards and a heap of ideas racing through my mind. Then my clumsiness struck and I burnt myself with hot oil! Luckily the burns aren't severe, but they are bad enough to slow me down.  I took a couple days off to let the healing begin. The worst of the burns are on my right wrist which  is my colouring hand. When dressed, I don't have free movement and am slower which means blending is a big issue. When I tried colouring without the dressings (yes I know, naughty naughty) it only took the worst of the burns to stick to my table for me to put my pens away! Ouch! Instead, I put the cards together that I could. I am really happy with how they look and can't wait to share with you once they are in my customer's hands. Five cards down, three to go along with the canvas.

So for today I will post my poorly coloured Slinky Tart image "Holy Shirt".... You can see for yourself why I had to put my pens away for a short while! I have put a digital background behind through Picmonkey her to take some of the focus off the bad colouring lol.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Make It Crafty Design Team Call

After participating in the celebrations over in the Make it crafty Facebook group this past weekend, I have a new found appreciation of not only WHITE but for CAS in general! I have always considered my style Clean and Simple, but going for a really minimalistic look challenged me, and it was a challenge I loved! So much so that I changed my mindset on my fear of writing a tutorial! It was this fear alone that stopped me applying before now, so I am conquering that fear and trying my hand at it! What's the worst that can happen? Zoe and her Team say "Thanks, but no thanks." So let's get this first in depth tutorial out of my system! 

Today's card was made over the weekend as an extra challenge set by Zoe after she saw my first #CASWHITE card entry. I wasn't so sure on having so much "empty space" at first. That is until I realized how much meaning that space can have when you place the right image with the right sentiment! For my card, I have used Make It Crafty's "Summer Dreams" stamp.

Supplies Needed:

White cardstock (8x6",3 3/4x4" and 3 3/4x5 3/4")
Cutting board, craft knife and scissors
Score board or ruler and score tool
Double-sided tape
Double-sided foam dots or squares

Copics required:

Hair: RV000, RV02, RV04 and RV06
Skin: E000, E00, E11, E21 and R20 (blush)
Eyes: B91
Ribbon and shoes: BG13, BG15, and BG75
Hat and dress: 0, C0, C1, C2 and C3 

1. Colour all her hair using RV000 as your base colour. This will also be the highlights left showing.

2. For my picture, I have the light source coming from in front and above of her. Choosing where your your light source will determine how you shadow your images. Using your RV004, gently use a flicking motion in areas that will be darkest. As you can see in my photo, I add these as shadowed sections of her hair as well as working up from the tips of her hair. While flicking, make sure you vary the lengths of your lines.

3. Next you will want to extend those flicks using RV002. 

4. Go back into the shadowed areas with your RV004 and extend some lines further through your highlight areas. You don't need too many lines, and remember to use gentle light-handed flicks to achieve thin lines.

5. To create a little extra depth of the shadows, add light touches of RV06. 

6. Now you will colour all skin area in the lightest shade E000. This colour is quite light but will build up intensity through the layers.

7. Using E11 you are going to create your darkest shadow areas. You can see in the photo where I have judge these to be. Remember when colouring skin under skirts, the colour will always be darker as this is where the most shadow will be, so you can be heavier handed here.

8. Next we blend these shadows out toward the lighter area slightly. Use E21 and colour over where you have coloured the shadow and extend a little beyond the E11. Repeat this process using E00 remembering to leave a little area with only the base colour showing as this is your highlight. Add a little R20 for her blush and cover the entire area again with E000 to smoothly blend these all together nicely.

9. I quickly added my eye colour of B91 here. Then I added the base colour BG13 to the ribbon.

10. Add your mid-shadow areas using BG15. Again you can see on the picture where I determined my shadows to fall.

11. Using BG75 you will create the darkest shadows. This is a strong colour, so again use a light touch.

12. Fully colour the ribbon with you BG13 to blend these smoothly.

13. Colouring white is tricky! So please don't be disheartened if this is your first try and it doesn't look how you want. It takes practise! Again remembering your light source colour in the deepest parts of your folds using C3.

14. Using C1, you'll use the same technique as the skin. Colour over your C3 area extending slightly beyond.

15. Repeat this process using C0.

16.  Now to blend these smoothly without adding any more colour, use your 0 pen and work from the un-coloured area into your darker areas to blend them together.

17. For me, I felt like her hat should be a big wavy sun hat so added "ruffles". To do this, use C3 and flick from the little"indents" around the rim. Also add your shadow at the back of her hat,

18. Extend these lines and the shadow with C1 also adding a little shadow under the front of the rim.

19. Once again, extend the lines and shadows slightly with C0 making sure to leave plenty of white.

20. Using your 0 pen again, blend back in from the white.

21. go back in with C2 and add only very light touched to the deepest shadows.

22. Cut your image so you don't have too much excess but not so little that you need to have your fingers on your image too much when cutting.

23. Using your craft knife, fussy cut all the small areas that are too difficult to get with scissors. This is why it is handy to have some excess around your image...to hold in place while cutting.

24. Use your scissors to cut around the majority of your image as this gives smoother cuts. When it came to the hair, I cut as in the photo as sometimes cutting with scissors, areas like this can be difficult.

25. Use your craft knife to finish the hair so you have sharp cut points.

26. Place a generous number of foam dots or squares on the back of your image.

27. Score and fold your 8x6" cardstock to measure 4 x 6". With double-sided tape, attache your 3 3/4 x 5 3/4" on the inside of your card creating your writing area. Add double-sided tape to your 3 3/4 x 4" piece and place it to the left side of the front of your card leaving a small equal border on three sides.  Attach your coloured image on the right hand side lining it up so her legs cover the second layer's edge.

28. Pencil in your sentiment, in this case "Thinking of you". Do this lightly so as to not indent the cardstock and so it doesn't show through the ink.

29. Use BG15 to write over your sentiment once you are happy with it.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

My first project as a Design Team member of Slinky♥Tart..."Wrecking Ball" card.

As some of you may know, Tamara from Slinky♥Tart asked me to join her Design Team a few weeks ago. Well today is the day my first project has been released for viewing over at http://slinkytart.com/Blog/.

I fell in love with this stamp as soon as I saw her! Who wouldn't? She is amazing! 

So without further ado...Wrecking Ball

Supplies Used:

Brown cardstock
Patterned paper from 7 Gypsies
"Wrecking Ball" stamp from Slinky Tart
"Individual" stamp by Tim Holtz
Black ink pad
Double sided tape
cutting board
Scoring board
Craft knife

Copic used to colour:

Hair: E41, E43 and E44
Skin: E000, E00, E04, E11, E21 and R20 (blush and tongue)
Outfit: W3, W5, W7,W9 and 100 (bottom of boot)
Ball and Chain: C0, C1, C2, C3, C5 and C7

I cut my cardstock at 6x12', scored and folded it in half. I then cut the patterned paper at 5 3/4x5 3/4 and attached it with double sided tape. I am a;ways generous with the amount of tape I use, especially when I will be using a wet glue with it.
After I finished colouring the stamp, I fussy cut it out using scissors and my craft knife. I stamped "Individual" directly onto the patterned paper and played around with how I would like the coloured stamp to 'fit". Once happy, I attached her with my wet, clear glue, using only a light covering so it didn't leave excess when I smoothed the stamp down.
For the inside of my card, I used the off-cut of the patterned paper into a lighter, matching cardstock, but you could do the inside however you please.

Monday, 16 March 2015

"Cheers Mate" card

During the 4000 member celebrations over in the "Make it Crafty" Facebook group, they held CAS competitions. My previous post was one and this is another. For this competition the card needed to be CAS Single layer! OMG! No matting my picture!!! Luckily I had a plan! I layered heaps of stamps that you can find at Make It Crafty. One of the things I like best about this company is the huge range of Aussie themed stamps. Being Aussie myself, I love them! 

For this card, I tried to keep the colours as close as possible to the actual colours of the outback that I have seen. this wasn't all that easy with my limited Copic collection, but I made it work!

Copic colours used to create this scene:

Skin: E000, E00, E11 and E21
Beard: C1 and C3
Shirt: B91, B95 and B97
Shorts: B91, B95, B97 and B99
Thongs: W5, W7 and W9
Hat: Y00, YR23, E33,E35 and E37
Beer can: B24, B28, B29, Y15, Y17 amd Y35
Sky: B00, B02 and B12
Windmill and Watertank: C3, C5, C7 and E44
Grass and Field: G21, YG11 and YG91
Fence: C1, W3, W5 and E44
Road: E04, E08, E09 and R14

You're not alone card

Over at the "Make It Crafty" Facebook group, they hay been celebrating 4000 members with some amazing giveaways and challenges. Most are based on the cards and projects being CAS. I had only recently discovered this term! CAS or Clean and Simple, isn't as easy as you would think, especially when challenged to keep it mostly white! Now I'm not going to lie, but this scared me! Mostly White! I have hundreds, ok, thousands of sheets of patterned paper! I loooove pattern paper and use it on all of my projects. But I love a challenge, and mostly white was not going to beat me! So I created this card and it has taken a day or two, but I have to say it is now one of my favourite cards! I was overwhelmed with the response to it! 

The stamp is called Penny and Scott Cuddle and can be found here: http://www.makeitcrafty.com/penny-scott-cuddle-digi-stamp.html . The sentiment I added myself through PicMonkey.

Copics used to colour this stamp:

Hair: E43, E44 and E47
Jeans: B91, B95, B97 and B99
Jumper: C0, C1, C2,and C5

Hair: E21, E31 and E33
Skin: E51 and E53
Jeans: B91, B95, and B97
Jumper: RV000, RV02, and RV10

Shadow: C2

Thursday, 12 March 2015

I'm about more than colours!

One of my favourite things to make, other than colouring, is Sock Monkeys! Each monkey I make is one of a kind and I wont replicate exactly! I love bringing out each one's personality as I make it. I wouldn't go so far as to say they speak to me...but well, they do tend to let me know how they should be made as soon as I start stuffing them. below are some of the ones I have made and sold.
If you'd like to discuss me making one for you, please contact me here or over on my Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/ShannonsCustomMadeWallHangingsAndGifts

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Aurora Wings February Contest

Another of my favourite stamping artists is Mitzi from Aurora Wings. Each month she holds a contest on her Facebook page and I was so proud that my piece was announced as "The Artist's Choice"! I think this piece is my best colouring yet and took 8.5 hours to colour!!! 

Saturday, 7 March 2015

First Creative Blog

Ok, I am a little nervous and excited to share my first actual creative project blog post, but here we go!

One of my favourite Stamp companies is "The East Wind". Unky (the artist for TEW) has some amazing stamps that have a certain difference about them that really appeals to me! Anyway, in the last couple of weeks, I've had call to need "Get Well" cards for friends in hospital. With both friends having a good sense of humor, I knew the stamp I had to use! The stamp is called  'Lucy Loo' Okay, Who's next?' 

The first card I made is a 6x6' card:

For this card I have used:

* Red and black cardstock
* Red velveteen ribbon
* 1 diamante 
* Digital stamp coloured with Copics
* Double-sided tape

Copics used to colour stamp:

Hair: W3, W7, W9 and 100
Skin: E41, E51, E53, R20 (blush) and C5 (eyeshadow)
Eyes: B34, B75, B78, 100 (to enlarge the pupil) and a dot of my white Molotow paint pen
Outfit: C2 and 0 for the white areas. 100, R14, R27 and R46 for the crosses and boots with white Molotow paint pen for the "shine"
Needle and towel: C2 and C5 for the metal. G000, G00 and G02 with my paint pen again for lines to colour the towel.

The second card is not quite 6x6':

For this card I have used:

* Black cardstock
* Patterned paper embellishment from 7 Gypsies
* Paper doily
* 3D flower embellishment from K&Co
* Tulle
*Tim Holtz Distress ink pad (Brushed Corduroy)
* Glossy Accents
*Double-sided tape and glue

Copics used to colour stamp:

Hair: E41, E43, E44 and E47
Skin: E000, E00, E04, E11, E21, C3 and G00 (eyeshadow) and R20 (blush)
Eyes: B91 and B95
Uniform: G000, G00 and G02
Crosses: R14, R27 and R46
Boots: C0, C01, C02 and C03 with white Molotow paint pen for the "shine"
Needle: C0, C01, C02, C03, YR000, YR00, YR02 and YR04. Glossy Accents for glass effect.

Exciting Announcement

Ever have one of those moments that just make your day/week/month/ year? You know, one of those moments where something you do for the love of it is admired and appreciated by someone who doesn't do so out of obligation (like hubby). Well I had one of those moments yesterday!
I have been asked to join the amazing design team for one of my favourite stamping artists! Slinky ♡ Tart has the best "Smexy" stamps you will find! Not only do I love them, but so does my amazing husband and those close to me. These stamps have sex appeal and are perfect for cards to give to your partner!  My "50 Shades" card is one of these sexy stamps. I will post this card with all of the details tomorrow as I have been asked for my colours.
You can look at all the available Smexy stamps at the below link...and if you find one you would love for me to colour and make into a card for you, please inbox me on my Facebook page.


Sunday, 1 March 2015

Well this is a little scary!

Welcome to my first blog post!

I had set up a blog a little while ago and spent hours making it, only to delete it when it came to writing my first post! Yes, I got cold feet! I'm still unsure if this is right for me, but hey, I wont know unless I try right? Last time I was making a blog, it was with the sole purpose of being eligible for a chance to be on Stamp Artist's and Companies design teams. It didn't feel right to me! It really, really did not feel right! This time, I'm here for me. To just voice myself out loud so to speak and because I have people asking me to share my colours and tips. What an honor for me it is when I am asked to share my colours, style, choices and opinions! I never have seen myself as one to come to for such things! So, please bear with me as I learn the ropes on how this all works!

So what is my blog about? Well as my title says, it's my Creative Mutterings, only I'm putting them out here. I have always been creative but only in the last few years taken it seriously. I do scrapbooking (though not so much as in the past), cardmaking, painting, colouring and sewing...I love variety and I love things with a little bit of a difference!

I started a small cottage Facebook business 30th April 2012. It was originally to sell custom made wall hangings but expanded into wall hangings and gifts. By gifts, it could be an original whimsy drawing/painting, abstract painting, gift boxes, vintage style toys, shaped cushions, handmade cards, or mixed media canvases...heaps of things. I originally started my Facebook page as I had friends and family requesting I make things for them and for them to give as gifts. So I thought I'd try and help support my family a little by taking orders. I have had my gifts go International and that was a huge confidence builder! I'm still learning to price my items to their actual value, not to what I think people will pay. I mean seriously! I wasn't charging more than $5-10 on top of supply costs, regardless of how many hours work I done....Yes I am crazy! But Over the last 12 months I have increased my prices a little to include the hours. Obviously I can't charge a standard hourly rate because it would make things inappropriately priced in my opinion. I used to charge what I would pay, but honestly, I am a tight wad! If I saw something I know I can make, I look at their price and nearly choke! Why? Because I had such little faith in myself and my art and craft! I'm slowly learning that I should be proud of what I create because every thing I make, I put my heart into it! It might not be to your taste, and that is fine. The World would be pretty boring if we all liked the same things! If you want a peek at my little cottage business you can find it here: https://www.facebook.com/ShannonsCustomMadeWallHangingsAndGifts

Anyway...for the past nine months or so I have been teaching myself to colour with Copics, charcoals and pastels. I've really fallen in love Copics! Out of the huge range available I only have around a quarter of the colours available. They are expensive! Seriously expensive for this tight wad on a tighter budget! But far out they are amazing! They really are worth it once you get the hang of them! I having been learning through trial and error and by asking questions to other Colourists if I can't figure it out. Yes I know there are LOADS of tutorials on the net and classes I can take, but to be honest I just don't have the patience to sit there watching other people do it! I need a hands on approach. Thus why I am teaching myself! I have to "feel" what I am learning! So after this short novel of a post, I will start sharing not just random Mutters, but all my latest crafts and sharing my colourings.