Friday, 26 February 2016

Quick and easy mini tutorial for Copic multi-coloured bubbles

I recently showed off this lovely Fluffy from Sherri Baldy's Besties in all the colouring groups I'm in. It was my first attempt at colouring multicoloured bubbles and I was really happy with them. But what made me even happier was being asked more than a few times which colours I used and how I done it. This made me happy because it means that I have inspired people! I searched the net for easy tutorials and come out more confused than I started. I really hate watching youtube videos so didn't even bother with them. So I took bits and pieces of what I'd read and made my own. Here is an easy step by step for you.

Here are the colours I have used. You don't need to have the same ones. Just a variety of pastels, C1 and B000.

Step 1. Randomly add small patches of R81 to each bubble. Don't go right up to the edge or into the center though. I'd also suggest swapping the R81 for R20 after trialling other colours.

Step 2. Add random patches of Y11. Again not on the edges and center.

Step 3. Add random patches of V01 avoid the edges and center. You can see here why I suggest R20 instead of is too similar to the V01.

Step 4. Add random patches of G00, avoiding the edges and center.

Step 5. Go over all of your patches with you C01. This slightly bleeds and blends your colours while keeping the distinct still.

Step 6. Still with your C01, draw circles within each bubble without touching the edges and still leaving the inside blank. So basically a donut!

Step 7. Fill your entire bubble with your B000.

Step 8. With a white pen or a fine brush and paint, give your bubbles a little reflection.

That's it! Easy! You can add glossy accents for extra shine if you want but not needed.

I hope this has helped and inspired you.

Shannon xxx


  1. Que bonitos colores usaste, muy facil el tutorial, te quedó muy bien.
    That beautiful colors used, very easy the tutorial, I was very well.

    1. Thank you so much for you kind words and feedback!

    2. Thank you so much for you kind words and feedback!