Friday, 4 September 2015

New medium brag post!

I am SUPER excited to finally be able to share this with you guys!!! A couple of weeks ago I mentioned to friends that I'd finished my first proper try of using Prismacolour pencils. I seriously had only done two quick attempts with them and was hating these very expensive pencils! Really REALLY hating them! I couldn't understand why everyone loved them so much until I learnt I was using the wrong type of paper :/ lol oh the joys of teaching yourself a new medium and not researching it! Anyway THIS is the amazing piece I was talking about! There are 16 layers of colour in her skin alone! 16!!! lol little did I know I was making it so much harder for myself learning to colour with these pencils on black paper until other Design Team members told me! lol since when have I done anything the easy way anyway? This took me about 8 hours to colour but the end result was so worth it I think! She is getting framed to go in my lounge room. This image is today's new release from The East Wind and is called "Her Story". Please don't ask for my colour combos as I didn't note them down and was far too frustrated in the beginning to keep not...something I know I will regret when I next try!

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